mood: halved, cavernous; a photograph of a tree growing to the left of the tube. it has a slight bend, and at the top a branch obscures the view. the image is divided by this branch - on the left is all the growth while on the right hand side there is just a descent into the blackness of the end of the tube.
mood: mutant, inverted; this photograph shows a tree that sprawls many thin branches in all directions. near the camera, one straight trunk grows up out of the tube, but because of the angle and the chaotic branches hiding the rest of the trunk, it appears almost as if the tree is growing down into the leafy depths at the end of the tube
mood: trapped, circular limbs; this photograph is nearly completely obscured by a large trunk that cuts a vertical through the centre. behind, very thin branches arc out like arms, reverse-hugging the inside of the tube.
mood: overcome, drowning; in this photograph the thin tree trunk is being grappled and pulled down by yellow dry grass fronds that are nearly as tall as the trunk. the thin tree is desperately reaching toward the camera, just going out of frame on the right hand side.
mood: over-busy; in this photograph, the browned oak leaves are healthy and growing in a curling spiral toward the camera. most of the image is hidden behind one of the leaves right at the top of the tube.
mood: taking all paths; this photograph shows a healthy mid-width young tree trunk, leaning slightly into the edge. Thin branches are shooting off in north and south directions on the image. deep in the background, a dry grass forms spirals at the base of the tube
mood: gleefully budding; this tree is hopefully reaching out of its tube to the bottom left. One spindly branch reaches out to toward the top-right of the image, over the black circle at the bottom, behind the tree. This branch has two hopeful green buds opening into two sets of leaves.
mood: grimy, urban; this tree has new york grunge. it is growing straight, leaning on the tube, with relaxed arms dangling left and right. leaves rest at the bottom of the tube, and a grimy moss has found growth on the inside of the tube.
mood: furry, bright; this tree has a healthy trunk and several thin branches sprouting in different directions. the trunk and branches have light, soft fur on them, visible in the photograph.
mood: fanning, industrial; this tree has a thin trunk with very straight branches growing out in three directions, like a blower fan in an industrial warehouse. this illusion is amplified by the deep blackness of the ground at the bottom of the tube, and the bright sharpness of the brances in contrast.
mood: a chaotic race; deep in this tube, a mess of dry yellow grass seeks a path upward inside the tube. closer to the camera, the young tree reaches up, winning the race to the top of the tube, but still pursued. braanches reach out like tripwires in many directions, ready to slow the grass if it grows further.
mood: blocked off; another grassy bottom in this tube, with a lot of light coming in from the holes on the right hand side. the tree trunk is a blurred tan-brown, cutting from bottom-left to top-right with a slight kink in it.
mood: a spider's walk; this photograph shows a tree with many spindly branches. each branch has light green buds on it, creating the illusion of joints in legs that are long and multi-sectioned, like spider's legs. the feeling looking into the tube is of a tree that is crawling up to meet us.
mood: unkempt; this tree is growing thin and dependent on the tube. its arms open out, looking for something or someone to hug. the blackness below is overwhelming. the trunk has a light fur.
mood: stunted youth; this tree has a straight trunk with a litany of branches that have emerged at one point, around half-way down. all of these branches are forced inward, imprisoned by the tube, unable to achieve what they had set out to do.
mood: a chaotic tangle; this tree is emerging from a mess of its own leaves, growing straight and confident with many small branches in all directions.
mood: the diamond; this messy image of a tree is framed twice, once in a circle by the tube, and a second time in a diamond by branches that cut across evenly in all four corners. healthy buds appear at regular intervals.
mood: drilling up; this young tree is growing with a spin from the base up, turning around as a trunk in the centre of the tube
mood: many bright buds; this tree is thin and looks much weaker than the others. it is slightly out of focus except closest to the camera, where it extends out of frame. just there, when it is in focus, a cluster of green buds are visible.
mood: growing broader; this young tree has thin branches that are growing mostly to the left and right. as the tree gets taller, the branches are longer and more tangled inside the tube.
mood: gnarled beyond its years; this young tree has no branches, and only a kinked trunk that grows out of frame. it looks gnarled, older than it should look, and although healthy looks to be struggling.
mood: a lonely hair; this young tree is barely alive. only one thin, tiny plant is growing, first up then bending down upon itself.
mood: high water line; in this image, a thin and spindly trunk is growing with difficulty. a large leaf marks the highest point that the tree has had leaves, which is higher than the trunk. something has apparently forced this one back.
mood: the ring descends; at the top of this tree, close to the camera, the thin branches have formed a perfect ringlike circle, which we are looking down through. behind it, everything is out of focus.
mood: without hope; this tree is being sucked backward into the black void at the bottom of the tube. the remains of an earlier leaf are stuck to the edge of the tube. there is a reddish colour to the bark, and it appears without hope, but something hopeful exists in the way the tiny tree continues to reach up.